• Jhod Khavken

    Jhod Khavken

    An aging priest of Voltain who has recently come to the Greenbelt in search of a lost Temple of Voltain.
  • Lord Tetry Berov

    Lord Tetry Berov

    This young upsatrt of a noble is the holder of the charter to explore the Greenbelt. His father sponsered the group, but they had to agree to take Tetry along.
  • Maegar Varn

    Maegar Varn

    Noble from Restov
  • Mauser


    The tough, loyal dwarf servant Lord Berov. He is mute, but can hear just fine. Please don't shout...
  • Old Bokken

    Old Bokken

    Crazy old hermit who brews potions and doesnt live far from Olegs.
  • Oleg Kirrov

    Oleg Kirrov

    Oleg is the gruff, but good hearted proprietor of the trading post bearing his name, which is located in the northern Greenbelt.
  • Svetlanna Kirrov

    Svetlanna Kirrov

    The kind and loving wife of Oleg Kirrov. She has round features that are usually described as "cute" by others. She has a friendly nature that is enduring to those she meets.